Set of 3 Treat Dispensers for Spreadable Treats


Finally a hygienic and practical solution for the reward of the dog with creamy treats such as liverwurst, peanut butter, cream cheese or canned food.

The bottom of the gako food tube can simply be pushed upwards with a finger. The tasty content comes from the upper opening and can be licked by the dog.

Unlike normal food tubes in classic tube form, you can also transport the gako food tube open without problems, without dirtying your pockets too quickly. It is almost impossible to accidentally push it out of the bag.
The fact that you don't always have to turn off the protective lid allows a much quicker reward of the dog.

Unlike finished products, the gako feeding tube allows you to perfectly respond to your dog's preferences and needs. Dogs with food allergies get homemade food prepared by yourself, so always know what is inside.

After use, the gako food tube can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher.

This is a set of 3 treat dispensers of the same size (70ml or 140ml).


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