About Us


Keeping your dog's mind busy is one of the biggest challenges for dog owners today. A dog's brain is more powerful than most people think. Whenever your dog is bored he will entertain himself. And whoever has to clean up the mess knows what we are talking about.

We have been a dog-owning family as long as we can remember. We love dogs. We are addicted to dogs. Everybody in our family is involved in dogs - in one or the other way. When we moved from Germany to the US we were looking for activities and dog toys to keep our German Shepherds physically and mentally in shape. In fact we found a lot of physical exercise, a terrific natural environment for hiking and biking and great dog sport clubs.

But an intelligent animal needs more. So we started to look around specifically for dog toys that stimulate the dog's brain and cultivate his intelligence. We found wonderful toy inventors like Nina Ottosson from Sweden or Susanne Heiden and Jens Reinhold from Germany and amazing dog trainers like Prof. Ekard Lind from Austria, who developed his dog training method "Lind-art©" and instructs dog trainers all over Europe. We took back some of their material to the US and tested it with our dogs. They loved it. Fast retrieving games and challenging interactive toys - exercise for body and brain.

Other dog owners saw what we did and asked us to bring back some dog toys for them when traveling to Europe. That was the birth of CANIS CALLIDUS. Today we do not only offer dog toys but all different kinds of unique dog supplies that are mostly imported from Europe like chain and leather collars, leashes made of finest leather, training equipment for Schutzhund-Training and harnesses that were developed in Hungary for police, border control and rescue dogs.

Please keep in mind: All our articles are for you and your dog playing together. Never leave your dog alone with a toy!

Feel free to look around and drop us a line with any questions or comments. Do you have ideas that would make our product line complete? Please let us know. Thanks for stopping by.