JULIUS K9 IDC Color&Gray Adjustable Collar


Stylish and cheerful wear for your dog! The IDC®Color&Gray® collar enhances your walks with its cheerful colours. It dries quickly and is very durable. It harmonizes with IDC®Color&Gray® leashes and harnesses, but the well-proven rubber fibres used on leashes and responsible for adhesion have been replaced with textile material, in order to not mess up the dog's fur.

Purchase as a set with the matching colour IDC®Color&Gray® leash and harness. The collar can also be used as an aid to get insecure dogs used to the harness. In this case, one end of the IDC®Color&Gray® double carabiner leash must be attached to the collar and the other to the harness. This saves the dog’s neckline from unnecessary force and allows stressful situations to be handled safely.

The straps of the IDC®Color&Gray® product family are made in Germany and are OEKO-TEX® certified.

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