JULIUS K9 Descending and Carrier Harness DISCONTINUED


Julius K9 Descending and Carrier Harness

Provides maximum safety for the dog and convenience for the handler and a very good mobility.

This harness is a heavy duty piece of equipment, tested by SAR Units and Military in Europe.  It's comfortable for the dog providing maximum safety and excellent freedom of movement for the dog and the handler, made of class materials and workmanship together with outstanding design features.

This makes it possible to carry the dog in your front or back. The outer
material is scratch-resistant and water repellent, the inside is made of soft, specialty foam and cotton. For convenient carrying the shoulder straps were padded with a 1 cm thick neoprene layer.

The delivery time for this item is usually 2-3 weeks. 

Color: Black.

Please choose your size:

Size M:
Chest measurement of the dog: 22.8 - 31.5 inches /  58 - 80cm
Weight of the dog: 33 - 55lbs / 15 - 25kg.

Size L:
Chest measurement of the dog: 29.5 - 39.5 inches / 75 - 100cm
Weight of the dog: 55lbs - 88lbs / 25 - 40kg

Chest measurement of the dog: 39.5 - 55 inches / 100 - 140cm
Weight of the dog: 88 - 132lbs / 40 - 60kg



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