JULIUS K9 IDC Seeing Eye or Guide Dog Harness Red


JULIUS K9 IDC Powerharness as a Seeing Eye Dog or Guide Dog Harness

This harness has everything that you like in the most popular harness models. Every strap is variable in size, the aluminum handle is light and easy to remove with a quick release, so you don’t have to remove the whole harness to let your dog run off leash. The harness comes with little pockets which are closable, but easy to open even with just one hand. You can hide the buckles for the handle under the pockets, if you want.

A set of GUIDE DOG Velcro patches is included.



The new generation of the Original Powerharness by Julius K9

Perfect ergonomics

Thanks to major improvements the IDC Powerharness allows the chest strap to forward the pressure lines of the leash with almost no interruption.




Breathable, skin friendly inner liner

The ŐKO-TEX material is manufactured by the highest standards of human clothing manufactures. Breathable and non-toxic.

Heavy duty buckles

The high-quality buckle of the IDC-Powerharness are permanently being tested and checked. This careful attention pays off especially in wintertime: these buckles work perfectly and don't break even in frosty weather.

Removable Velcro labels

We have hundreds of different Velcro labels in stock. You can also order customized patches especially for your dog. The IDC Guide Dog Harness comes complete with a pair of fluorescent GUIDE DOG labels which glow in the dark.

Reflective seams and chest strap

One of the most important functions of the IDC-Powerharness is that it works well as a highly visible vest. The grey line of the chest strap and the seams of the harness are made of reflective materials, so the dog is visible in the dark even from a distance.


Flashlight holder

The flashlight holder (available on sizes 0-4) is an elastic loop, so it gives high stability, the flashlight can not slip out of the holder. It's useful for night walks when we need to follow our dog. Thanks to the ergonomic design you don't have to worry that your dog can be caught in some brushes because of the loops. The flashlight holder is made of high quality German materials. It allows to use sidebags at the same time. It's essential for search and rescue dogs and for every service dogs which are working in the dark.

Handle lock with new snaps

The new option to close the handle of the IDC Powerharness allows 4 different variations. You can close only the steel D-ring, only the handle, both at the same time or none of them. With these you can minimize the dog's chance of getting caught. It's really important especially for hunting dogs, search- and rescue dogs. Note: If the dog is caught by bushes at a place that is not visible, the IDC Powerharness allows free movement backwards, so the dog can escape.

Certified Quality

Highest quality certified by independent crash and load tests. The buckle of the product opened at 300 kg (660 lbs.), but the harness itself did not tear.

Washing instructions

Do not Machine wash! Wash by hand at 40°C (warm) or colder.
Hand wash
Don't bleach
Don't iron
Don't dry clean
Don't tumble dry

The correct sizing

Size 1
Chest measurement: 26 - 33.5 inches / 66 - 85cm
Weight: 50 - 66lbs / 22,5 - 30kg
Breed examples: Australian Shepherd, small German Shepherd, small Golden Retriever, Weimaraner, Husky, small Boxer, Pointer, Malinois

Size 2
Chest measurement: 28 - 38 inches / 71 - 96cm
Weight: 61 - 88lbs / 27,5 - 40kg
Breed examples: German Shepherd, Golden Retriever, large Boxer, Rhodesian Ridgeback, Labrador Retriever

Size 3
Chest measurement: 32.3 - 46.5 inches / 80 - 112cm
Weight: 88 - 176lbs / 40 - 79kg
Breed examples: Large German Shepherd, Great Dane, Rottweiler, Black Russian Terrier

Please read these Instructions and Warnings before using your new harness!

And check out this video on how to correctly adjust your Julius K9 Harness.



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