JULIUS K9 Rehabilitaion Harness Walking Support for Injured Dogs (Shoulder)


Julius K9 Rehabilitation Harness (Shoulder/Front)
for injured or elderly dogs or after surgery

A hands-on solution for dogs with limited mobility. You can support your dog getting up, walking, climbing stairs, getting into the car etc. Made of comfortable, soft Neoprene material. The harness is available for the front (shoulder) or the rear (hips). This offer is for the front harness only. 

Please select size (measure as shown in the picture below):

Size S (Girth 16.5" - 24")
Size M (Girth 18.5" - 29")
Size L (Girth 22.5" - 34.5")
Size XL (Girth 27" - 39.5")
Size XXL (Girth 29" - 41")

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