PAWS POCKET Advanced Tulip Styled Training Ball with Bungee Rope


Pawspocket Advanced Tulip styled training ball now available with a bungee handle!

Paws pocket balls are a treat dispensing toy. Designed for a treat to be placed in the centre and used as a self rewarding treat/toy/training aid.

Great as a training aid to help your dog develop more drive and motivation or even to bring them down to earth and get that brain engaged.

The paws pocket ball holds a treat or multiple treats by three ‘petals’ that are held together with Velcro. This can be made easy or hard for the dog to open depending on how tight you close the petals. This makes a great training aid for sending your dog away on a target.

Hide treats inside, close the Velcro petals and toss the ball where the dog is supposed to go: Let it roll down the A-frame or throw it over a jump. The dog will follow the ball, rip it open and reward itself. Good for tugging as well. Made by Paws Pocket, UK.

Various colors.

2 ft. Length in total
4" ball diameter

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