PAWS POCKET Bungee Handle for dog toys


Paws Bungee Tug Handles: Introducing the super strength bungee tugs, designed with exceptional quality and available in a variety of vibrant colors! These versatile tugs are perfect for attaching to balls and more. They make fantastic tug toys, especially for those with hard-tugging dogs. The shock cord provides invaluable support, helping to reduce the impact on your shoulder and elbow during play. 

Enhance the Tugging Bond: These bungee tug handles aren't just great for play; you can also loop them onto the end of your leash to reinforce the tugging bond during walks and training sessions. It's an essential tool for strengthening your connection with your furry friend. 


  • Approx. 54cm in length, including handles.
  • Handles are approximately 15cm long.
  • Each end features a loop, with one loop containing a fleece insert for extra comfort.

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