PAWS POCKET The Waggle with sheep and rabbit skin, squeakers and bungee


The Waggle consists of a PawsMade™ Bungee, a Bar of Faux fur with squeakers inside, Rabbit & Sheep skin legs with a squeaker in either side. Multiple squeakers for extra fun!

The Waggle combines lots of aspects to make the most interesting toy even for the less motivated dog!
The Extra length allowing you to mimic the movements of prey while the added squeakers further enhance this experience. Allowing you to stimulate your dogs natural drive to chase and reward!

Various colors.



Total length 90cm (34in)
bungee length 23cm (9in)
Faux, Rabbit, Sheep Area Length 46cm (18in)


Total length 145cm (57in)
bungee length 32cm (12.5in)
Faux, Rabbit, Sheep Area Length 50cm (20in)

Please do not leave your dogs unattended with any of the Paws Made toys as these are all designed to be interactive toys between you and your dog. 

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