RABBIT PAWS POCKET Advanced Tulip Styled Training Ball with web handle


The well known PawsPocket™ but with a nice simple web handle attached making it easier for light tugging and to throw for your dog. PawsPocket™ are a treat dispensing toy. Designed for a treat to be placed in the centre and used as a self rewarding treat/toy/training aid. Great as a training aid to help your dog have more drive and motivation or even to bring them down to earth and get that brain engaged. The PawsPocket™ holds a treat or multiple treats by three ‘petals’ That are held together with VELCRO®. This can be made easy or hard for the dog to open depending on how tight you close the petals. This makes a great training aid for sending your dog away or a target.

Please do note the Rabbit paws pocket although reinforced as best possible is made from natural rabbit which is not the strongest of materials. So it's not suitable for heavy tugging.

Please do not leave your dogs unattended with any Paws Made™ toy , as these are designed to be a interactive toy between you and your dog.

Various colors.

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