Sporthund Leather Puck Ball/Tug


Sporthund leather puck with handle

The Sporthund leather puck is small and thin enough to almost disappear under your arm during heeling, for example, but also large enough that there is no danger of swallowing it.

Diameter: approx. 12cm (5in), 
Total length with handle: 31cm (12 1/2in)

General information about dog toys:
Make sure you choose the right toy for your dog. Is it the right size and stable? Even the most robust toy can break with intensive use. Parts could be swallowed by the dog. Therefore, our basic recommendation: Never leave dog toys unattended with your dog. Check the item regularly for damage and remove damaged items immediately. Almost every material is subject to an ageing process. Replace dog toys if they show signs of ageing (e.g. becoming brittle, etc.). 

Made in Germany.



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