Knut Fuchs Training Dumbbell HAVATAR 650g


An absolutely new idea of a training dumbbell that helps with the biggest problem in retrieving - gnawing.

With the help of an allen key, the side parts can be moved in such a way that your dog can only take them in the front area of his mouth. The wood presses against the widening muzzle when the dog moves the dumbbell around in his mouth. A calm, firm grip is therefore more pleasant.
Thus also the annoying throwing back of the wood is prevented with some dogs.
Your dog learns the correct behaviour almost by itself.
The extra long bars offer a comfortable way to hold the wood sideways and to present it to the dog.

Included in the set is the extended barr for learning a calm hold.
The round bridge helps with the conversion to a test regulation compliant dumbbell.

A cord can be added to both barrs due to a continuous bore and can be used both with and without the two adjustable side parts.

"Havatar" is much more than a normal retrieving wood. The complete set is a great help for you to teach your dog how to hold and retrieve without mistakes.

1 x round barr with through hole
1 x flat barr with through hole
2 x side panels can be attached with Allen screw
1 x cord
1 x Allen key

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