Dog Activity Game BALL & TREAT


Ball & Treat provides extra puzzling-it-out fun

Does your dog love balls and fetching them? Then challenge him with our Dog Activity game "Ball & Treat". It's a mechanical treat dispenser that you first fill with small snacks of your choice. Then the training can begin: After you throw the ball, your dog must place it in the toy's opening and is rewarded with treats that automatically fall out of the device.

Since it is a level 3 toy, it is suitable for advanced four-legged friends who are looking for that extra dose of puzzling-it-out fun. If you want to increase the difficulty level even more, you can combine the strategy game with obedience exercises such as sit, down, stay, so that the bond between you and your pet is strengthened as well. By the way, you can find tips and tricks for optimal training in the enclosed instructions.


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