SniffleDog Premium Black Scent Game


TEAMCANIN has designed this game as a tool that brings great added value to every dog owner and their dog, because SniffleDog

- is location-independent, i.e. you can use it in the living room as well as on the grass
- can be done alone, as well as in a group
- it can be performed by people with handicaps
- is suitable for any age group
- has a small handy format (light, small)
- can also bring added value to people with little free time, because dogs can be efficiently exercised in a relatively short period of time
- significantly improves the relationship between owner and dog
- from puppies to seniors, from small dogs to giants, from calm to hyperactive dogs - it is suitable for EVERYONE.

The SniffleDog Game (Classic and Premium) is about conditioning the dog to a certain smell. This smell is located in one of 6 containers. The dog learns to systematically search these containers until it finds the conditioned odor and indicates this to its owner by a certain behavior, e.g. by lying down.
Inspired by the lung cancer study, which TEAMCANIN carried out with a lung specialist clinic and a lung specialist in the Stuttgart area and which caused a great stir in the media worldwide, Uwe Friedrich developed this utilization model.

SniffleDog Premium is the professional version of SniffleDog. The set contains

- 1 retaining ring on PU material
- 1 connecting bone on PU material
- 1 screw box with lid

In contrast to SniffleDog Classic, you can also use SniffleDog Premium to lay angles - ideal e.g. for training mold or drug detection dogs. The non-toxic PU material is extremely robust and withstands even particularly stormy dog paws.

SniffleDog Premium is sold individually. This means they can always increase the difficulty level by adding additional rings and building more complex patterns.

SniffleDog Premium rings are also suitable for search tasks. A single ring with can is laid out in the house / terrain. Because of the higher weight the single ring stays clean.

For SniffleDog beginners we recommend the SniffleDog Classic set. Professionals go for the SniffleDog Premium.

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